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February 25, 2011

Publish or Perish. No, no, no…Market or Perish

Posted in: Advertising, Promotion, Marketing Strategies, Children's Books, Self-Publishing, Writing for Children

Guest blog entry by Edward H Trayer

When you plan your ‘Bestseller’ you can do it in one of two ways: write the story you want to read in the bathtub or write the story everybody else wants to read in the bathtub. Occasionally, for example, the wonderful J K Rowling and her Harry Potter books, the two coincide, but usually, 99.999999999% of the time, they don’t.

So, which to choose?

Well, it depends on you and why you decided to spend the next year or so torturing yourself at a keyboard. If there’s a wonderful but totally unmarketable story in you and you think ‘Hell to it! I’m gonna write it anyway!’ then I think ‘Good for you’ and ‘Go for it’ but sadly, the hard, inescapable truth is you probably won’t sell very many. But maybe that’s ok. Maybe to you the book is simply a trophy, to sit happily on a shelf in the front room just over the TV so anybody who visits will spot it, particularly Cousin-Alfred who always seems to have a much bigger car than you. But, if you decide to check out the market and try to write a book that fills a niche, then, in my opinion, you’re not just a writer, you’re an author too.

When I wrote my latest children’s novel, The Gullfoss Legends, I decided to spend a lot of my time pouring over the primary school curriculum for English and consequently I discovered the importance of myths and legends, historical setting and understanding a different culture, to teachers responsible for stocking the book cupboard. Consequently my novel is based on a legend in Iceland in the early 1900s. BINGO! My book fulfills three of the key elements of the school curriculum. Now, when I market my book to schools, parents and even the odd library, I can explain this to them. The result: I pre-sold 90% of the 500 books initially planned to be printed before they had even been printed!

To Be Continued…. (in the next blog post)

Billy Bob Buttons, the pen name of Edward H Trayer, is the author of six independently published books and the organizer of The Wishing Shelf Independent Book Awards (www.thewsa.co.uk), the first independent book award based in the UK. Visit his website: www.felicitybrady.co.uk.

Bookmark this blog and come back in just a few days to hear more of his thoughts on writing, publishing, and marketing.

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