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March 10, 2011

Start Early for Effective Book Promotion

Posted in: Advertising, Promotion, Marketing Strategies, General, Self-Publishing

In the last post, author Edward Trayer (a.k.a Billy Bob Buttons) wrote that he believed an author needed to consider marketing strategy before writing the book.  I asked other fictional authors when they thought was the right time to develop a game plan for promoting your book.

Here is Deanna Proach’s, author of Day of Revenge reply:

All aspiring authors should find their potential market before their first book is ready for publication. That is the one thing that literary agents and editors stress. Based on my personal experience, I think that writers should find ways to market their books when they are preparing their manuscript for publication. If they aspire to land a reasonable contract with a large publisher–which most, if not all authors do–they need a platform.

I wish I would have known better when I started subbing my book out to agents and publishers a year ago. At that time, I scarcely had a web based presence. No one knew about Deanna Proach and no one knew about ‘Day of Revenge’. I had focused all of my attention on doing other things when I should have reached out into the internet community to build connections with publicists and other experts.

Now, six months into publication, I’m finally realizing that my book isn’t going to gain exposure all on its own. I’ve joined My Blog Guest, a website owned and operated by Ann Smarty and have signed up on Cathy Stucker’s blogger link up. I’ve had these resources sitting in my ‘favorites’ box for months. Why I’ve decided not to look into them a year earlier, I don’t know. If I could turn back the hands of time, I would just so I could have done things differently. But, as the saying goes, God makes everything beautiful in his time.

I am going to look at this experience as an opportunity to share valuable advice for unpublished authors, other self-published authors, or first-time authors published by a royalty-paying press. Find your potential market once you have completed the second draft of your manuscript and no sooner. If you try to promote your book while you are still writing it or before you start writing it, your efforts will be for not because you will not know your story well enough.

Once you reach the stage where you are working on your final draft, research media outlets that match your area of expertise and contact people. If you can snag a radio interview, a few guest posting opportunities on blogs with high traffic, or be featured in a high profile magazine before you submit your book to agents and publishers, then you will enhance your chance of being a successful author. There are several media experts out there, I’m finding, who are receptive to new talented writers. You just have to search them out.

 Deanna Proach is a novelist. Her first book, ’Day of Revenge‘, a historical suspense set in revolutionary France, was released by Inkwater Press in September 2010. She is currently working on her second book, ‘To be Maria’, a suspense set in modern day Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada. 

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