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January 02, 2012

Day 2: Publishing a Kindle book

Posted in: Self-Publishing

Okay, so today I got an answer back on the couple of Kindle book cover designers and what they would charge. The answer was that if I had a photo or clear idea of what I wanted it might be as low as $50 - $150, but that if I wanted to see lots of different options and wanted the designer to hunt around for the cover image, then that would cost more.

So I went to istockphoto.com and found a photo that I liked. Now I need to write the book description and actually hire the person.

I’m trying to take a step every day towards publishing the book. Oh, and I also went and read the information on BookBaby.com. They offer a digital publishing service where you send the manuscript and they deal directly with Amazon Kindle store, Apple iBookstore, etc. I’ve worked with the same company through CDBaby.com when I was figuring out how to sell a song or audiobook on iTunes and Amazon MP3. I liked the basic concept where you deal with one company and they handle distributing your product through multiple channels. It means far fewer interfaces for the publisher to learn.

In the case of digital publishing, their basic service, where I would supply the manuscript, cover image and ISBN number, it is $99 for setup and then that’s it. They aren’t taking any percent off what each distribution channel (such as Amazon) pays you (or me). They have a number of add-ons, including cover art, but their prices for the Kindle cover design was higher than what I found on my own. So for the moment, my game plan is to create all the content myself and then send it to Bookbaby.

Talk to you soon!

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