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January 03, 2012

Day 3: Publishing a Kindle ebook

Posted in: General, Self-Publishing

So today I worked with the Kindle ebook cover designer, reviewing a possible photo to use, text and the look I am hoping to achieve. I also followed up on some advice a friend gave that Smashwords.com also offers a single interface to publish to multiple digital publishers. It does not charge an upfront fee (compared to $99 for BookBaby.com, however it does keep 15% of the profits from sales (compared to BookBaby.com keeping none of the profits from sales.

In terms of the fees, Smashwords.com would return a larger profit only for ebooks where the profits returned by the distributors (Amazon Kindle, Apple iBookstore) are less than $667. However there are two additional points to consider. For the self-publisher with limited funds, Smashwords offers their program with no upfront fees required. Smashwords also has a substantial track record of selling ebooks on their website and it’s collection of happy testimonials from other writers/publishers is very impressive. They have a marketing guide which I skimmed through today as well.

What’s up next in my Kindle digital publishing adventure? I still have writing to do next. My ebook is partly written, but needs flushing out the rough outline and polishing. There are 10 sections to the ebook. I shall target completing 1 - 2 sections each day and try to complete it in within the week. I’m hoping I can do that in about an hour a day.

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