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January 12, 2012

Day 12: Publishing a Kindle ebook

Posted in: Self-Publishing

Since I started my “Publishing a Kindle ebook” series on day 1 of the year, it makes it easy to figure out what day this is.

So what have I done in the last 9 days.

I hired the ebook cover creator and chose which image she created that I liked best.

I finished writing and ended up with 3600 words to this non-fiction adult advice ebook.

I found and hired a copyeditor to proofread and make minor editorial suggestions.

I discovered more about the pro’s and con’s of Smashwords and Bookbaby. It turns out that currently Smashwords does not post to Amazon. If you publish on Smashwords, you still have to submit the Kindle version to Amazon yourself.

And I searched a couple writing forums for feedback on Smashwords and BookBaby. A number of people said that they think the $99 fee by BookBaby is outrageously high and these same people went on, “Why would you pay someone to publish for you, when it’s something anyone can do?”

This line of logic fails me. Why would I ever pay anyone to paint the inside of my house, when it’s something I can easily do myself? I have worked with CDBaby before and I’m looking to deal with ONE business again distributing to multiple retail websites. So now I’m back to planning on using BookBaby.

So I had to decide between their basic service ($99) and “premium service($199)”. I called and they said that the premium service will be done in 10 business days or less and that your work is done ahead of the basic service jobs. The basic service jobs (this is what the phone person said) are generally done in 10 - 15 business days. Premium also involves a bit more in the author reviewing the work before it goes out. I’m still undecided, but leaning towards Premium.

I also asked about the ability of the seller to change the price. BookBaby allows you to change the price once a year for free. After that, each price change means a $50 fee.

So my next step is to make revisions based on my copyeditors comments and read Bookbaby’s manuscript submission guidelines.

Oh, I also set up a Facebook fan page and am in the process of setting up a blog dedicated to the book.

And you thought I had just abandoned this project, didn’t you? Admit it.

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