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January 18, 2012

Day 17: Publishing a Kindle Ebook

Posted in: Self-Publishing

So yesterday I finished the revisions my copyeditor suggested and submitted my ebook “manuscript” to Bookbaby. I should receive a notice in the next couple weeks when the epub is ready for review. So in the meantime I need to:
- finish my blog setup
- write some blog posts
- decide what contact information I want to provide
- write press release (or two) for book
- make list of people to contact when ebook is available and add that to blog
- write guest post for BloggerLinkup.com distribution which I can insert my link to title on Amazon at last minute
- post more on AbsoluteWrite.com (50 posts allows me to promote my work on a couple of their boards. I’m halfway there.
- create video (hush, hush secret idea) about the title. I actually have two ideas for videos
- seek out potential book reviewers

Hmm… well that sounds like it might be enough stuff to keep me busy the next couple weeks, right? I’m actually going to print this list off, as soon as I post.

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