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September 12, 2012

Free Kindle Books Rock

Posted in: Children's Books, Self-Publishing

Amazon has found a winning formula for new undiscovered authors. I’m running down what’s quickly becoming a well-worn path, publishing two of my stories (shown above) directly on Kindle. Yes, I still had the expense of hiring a cover illustrator/designer and an editor/copyeditor (you don’t want to read something where I put the punctuation in), but…. these numbers are a tiny investment in the world of self-publishing, where first print runs are always in the thousands of dollars.

In the last week I published on Kindle using their Select program (which means I’m only publishing on Kindle, not on Nook or elsewhere), Smelly Ellie: Second Place Sister and The Day I Met Dr. Seuss

I am offering The Day I Met Dr. Seuss for free for 3 days yesterday (9/11) through tomorrow (Thursday 9/13).

Here are the advantages of Free Kindle Book Days:

Advantages of Free Days
- You can ask friends and family to support your efforts without asking them to open their wallet – if they download a free copy and provide a review, their review will be notes as being an Amazon verified purchase

- A reader who downloads your book for free will purchase other titles you’ve written (assuming you write well and have other books)

- A free day can be a cause of news. So publicity can occur when a book is released and then again when a free day is offered.

- A large number of free downloads boosts a book’s Amazon ranking which can in turn result in more book sales. The exact formula for Amazon’s book ranking is a well-kept secret.

So far so good for me. If you are reading this September 12 or 13th, I hope you will download. Or if you missed that, you can still get a limited number of Amazon’s Kindle books (including mine) for free via their Amazon Prime Program

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