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April 29, 2013

More Self-Publishing Adventures

Posted in: Children's Books, Self-Publishing

So I continue to make forward progress with self-publishing. I released Mattie Monster 2Mattie Monster is Too HOT to Sleep

Hmm…. maybe I should have made that image a little smaller. Ah, well, next time. That’s the sequel to — there a smaller picture.

I have one more Mattie Monster book in mind.

Meanwhile I am working towards a print version of Dogs, dogs, Dogs. In many ways, that’s my favorite book that I’ve written or published this year.

I often write you half a blog post in my mind and neglect to actually type it out and post it. I am still very happy with using Rachel Rofe’s accountability program. I don’t know if they are still taking new clients or not, but if they are I recommend giving it a try. Michaela, Rachel’s assistant is like this very kind-hearted task master who pushes me along just by asking the right questions and giving lots of encouragement. Well, I don’t want to get you too psyched about the program, in case they aren’t running it any more.

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