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May 24, 2013

Holy Cow — How Did We Miss THAT?

Posted in: Children's Books, General


An Amazon reviewer commented that the word ‘Seuss” was misspelled on the cover of The Day I Met Dr. Seuss

My knee-jerk reaction was that the reviewer was wrong. They COULDN’T be right!!! or could they?

I looked.

I shrieked with horror!!!

They were right.

I dashed off an email to my cover creator who sent me back an apology and the correct version and she echoed what I thought, “How could we not have seen that before?”

I guess I’m thinking that it is perhaps a tribute to the person who created the illustration for the cover, Nikolai Popov. I know that when I look at the cover, I always look at Dr. Seuss’s face and somehow the whole Seuss - Suess thing totally escaped me.

I feel a bit of embarassment. Spelling never was my strong suit. I’m trying to go with the sentiment that any publicity or attention for a book is a good thing.

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