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December 16, 2013

Being Flexible But Resolute

Posted in: General

So in my last post I talked about following the advice in The 30-Day Productivity Plan and setting 3 goals to achieve from November 7th to December 7th. December 7th now being over a week ago. So how did I do? I had chosen 3 goals, one easy, one moderate, one a big stretch.

The ‘easy’ goal was to get, Quotes for Achievement for sale on Audible.com. Did you follow the link? Yup, so that one is done.

So… that’s the only of the 3 goals that actually got done in 30-days. Doesn’t seem like such a great performance, does it? Yes, Thanksgiving was in there and we had a family member in the hospital a couple times in this last month, but doesn’t life always throw you some curve balls? curveball

It does.

But here is the thing with goals and plans. When life throws you that curve ball and you swing and miss. You are at least aware that you are off-course and need to make adjustments.

I thought about the very first big family vacation we took with the kids out to the Rocky Mountains. We had 3 weeks - a ton of time. But, we had minimal knowledge of where we were going and how long we’d need or want to do what we hoped to. I had carefully planned out stops in Utah, Idaho, Montana and Wyoming. We did make it to all those states and saw MOST of what we planned to see. But, we had to drop some activities. We stayed longer in a few towns than we had planned to and so we had to pass by other “places to see” and “things to do.”

Thinking of that trip as a comparable situation - exploring new territory with a guide book in hand - and realizing I was not on track to complete all 3 items in 30 days, about 2 weeks ago, I began aiming at completing two of my goals for the month. I wanted to stick to the 30-day time frame and go for 2 out of 3.

Then I got a call for a job interview and another call and another call and a scheduled interview and a phone interview and… once again, my entrepreneurial adventures got paused. Because job openings are kind of like harvesting fruit, you have to pick it while ripe. It can’t wait and you can’t choose the timing.

So here I am on day 38 of my 30 day plan having gotten about halfway through my 3 goals. I think I’m more resolute than ever. After all, only by getting all 3 goals done can I prove to myself and others, that my “30-day Plan” wasn’t “just talk.” It may have been a misestimated effort or a temporarily stalled project, but it was NOT just talk.

Gotta go!

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