A New Deadline for Myself

When I was thinking over deadlines I’ve had that pushed me to complete stuff, I naturally remember the one, 7/7/2007. 7/7/07 was my official publication date of Poster Girl, which… I missed by a bit, but which drove a project, self-publishing Poster Girl to completion, after too-long on the back burner. If I was smart I would have set 8/8/2008 as the next deadline, but I didn’t… and now 18 months later, the second book, Smelly Ellie, Second-Place Sister, is….. on the back burner…. awaiting illustration selection, illustration direction, a marketing plan, etc…

So, now I’m considering 9/9/2009 as a target date. The only negative that has occurred to me, is that I did have one VERY substantial reviewer who said I contacted her too late for her to include in her reviews of 2007 books, that she would have said yes, if I contacted her earlier in the year. But… to publish in the early part of the year would mean 2010… and I’m already overdue for another book coming out.

Now I just checked and while Poster Girl was finished in July, it was November, later November before I contacted this reviewer. So… if I was to send her something, perhaps even a pre-review copy, I might get a yes. So that doesn’t seem valid excuse for not setting 9/9 as the date.

Hmm… do I go on record tonight with a new deadline for myself, set the date of the next book as 9/9/09? That seems a bit hasty. I’m going to sleep on it. Once again, I started my post before midnight, but am saving it and publishing it after midnight. I’m going to have to check with Colleen if this counts for the 30-day blogging contest.

Still I can’t argue with the effectiveness of a public deadline… and I love┬ásymmetric dates. Perhaps because I was born on one.

Gotta go.

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