A November to be Thankful For - ALMOST

So, it’s been quite a while since I posted last. What have I been up to? Good question, that’s something I’ve been asking myself.

Let’s see, I…

  • created a company to build websites, Facebook pages and help people market online
  • drove a U-Haul from Lewisburg, PA to Madison, Wisconsin - packing with one son, unpacking with the other sonAuthor drives U-Haul
  • lost a job (doesn’t sound like an accomplishment really…. but it was a learning experience)
  • created Quotes for Achievement on Kindle and ALMOST ready to be uploaded to Audible…

But that’s the thing, the ALMOST. I’ve got too many projects and life items that ALMOST have happened. Like the job I interviewed for last week, that I almost got.

I am thankful that I’ve had a tremendous amount of interest in hiring me as a Java programmer (a little sidegig I like to do when I’m not writing and publishing) and I now have 3 or 4 recruiters who are trying to match me with a job opening so they can collect a commission on doing so. I’m inclined to let them earn their pay by finding me that next gig and use November to…. write? publish? promote existing products? all of the above?

See I’m assuming that it’s unlikely I land a gig and start before December 1, so I have this month to use as I see fit. This thought is both exciting and horrifying. When I look back over the last months, I’m not completely thrilled with what I’ve accomplished. I don’t want to blow this rare opportunity. Yesterday I asked myself what I most wanted to accomplish and as I struggled to come up with a 30-day plan, what should come along, but an email which said

What makes this so important at this time of year is that almost everyone starts out years with high hopes, big dreams, and goals to break through certain income “glass ceilings”.

Often those don’t work out. Life happens, time passes quickly, and before you know it, Halloween has passed and we’re looking at another disappointing year.

The main reason is that people may want more, but their habits and internal thermostat is set at a certain level, and unless something changes that, the same disappointing and frustrating results happen year after year.

That doesn’t need to be the case, and this book will help people get on a fast track to success with the promise to readers “get more done in 30 days that you did all year”.

The book is The 30-Day Marketing Plan. I bought it and I’m following it and I plan to blog about my progress. I am as far as picking my top three priorities for the month. Stay tuned…. I’ll be posting more as my 30-days of awesome productivity unfold.

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