Blogging Regularly and Writing Critique Groups

Okay, I have to post today for two reasons.

1) I haven’t posted in a while and I’ve noticed the longer I go without blogging, the more hesitant I am to blog. It’s as though I either feel that if I haven’t written in a while, then I need to have something REALLY good to write about. Or… like a bit of my brain expects the reader on the other side of the internet to say…. “Oh, NOW you want to talk to me? Hmmph!”

So…. here I am blogging, whether you are hmmmphing at me or not!

2) The second reason I’m writing is I wanted to share my joy at once again being part of a writing critique group that has great synergy. We had been at five members and added two more and I was immediately struck by the power of having more people.

A new member wrote something in her very first critique that gave me an idea for a new title for my story. The thing was… it wasn’t just her idea. She echoed something that another member of the group had said about the story. But… see, here’s the thing: Lots of us have to be told stuff more than once!. And that is what a good writing group does, person A tells you something and maybe you ignore it. But when person B says the same thing, but slightly differently… then… ah, then you sort of see their point.

The other benefit of the group is that it forces you to keep writing. Such as I am supposed to post my next chapter for review by the end of this month…. so on that note. I’m going to switch from blogging to working on my story. Take care!

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  • At 2009.03.30 06:48, Patricia Fry said:

    Oh yes, it is so important to blog regularly. I try to post every day. And I try to offer something meaningful in every post for my readers.

    I find, however, that when I’m involved in a writing project, I am less likely to write something for my blog. When I am not writing–but spending my time working with clients on their projects, for example–I crave the process of writing and look forward to writing blog posts.

    Patricia Fry

    • At 2009.03.30 20:12, Anne said:

      I find I’m better off not thinking TOO hard about whether each post has something meaningful for readers.

      On the one hand, I don’t want to be accused of talking just to talk or throwing loosely-tied statements into a blog just to add content for the search engines.

      But, I also find that if I apply too much scrutiny to whether each post is worthy of getting published, then my posting frequency goes WAY down. Since a blog is meant to be chatty, I figure an occasional post that is more fluff and less meat is okay, as long as periodically you are offering useful information or inspiration.

      Speaking of chatty, I am very excited to say that I did write my next chapter and will have it ready to post for critique to my group tomorrow, thereby meeting my end of March target.

      (Required, will not be published)