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I ran across an interesting site the other day —, a community for exchanging used books. Generally most books that I read that I don’t necessarily want to read a second time, I try to sell used on Amazon. But there are many where it’s possible you could even lose money selling a book on Amazon, because Amazon’s fixed commission, may not cover the sale price. So… what to do with a used book, that you don’t have room on your shelf for and you don’t want to throw out.

Sometimes local libraries want book donations, but not always. And small local libraries are not the best recipient if the book isn’t of general interest. Well, Book Mooch is perfect for that situation, because you list your available books and then wait to hear from someone else who wants your book. You get credit for books you give away and that credit allows you to get books that YOU want for free! Pretty good deal, huh?

At the moment, the inventory is still more limited than I’d like (okay… I’d like them to have EVERY title), but it is substantial and hopefully as Book Mooch catches on… will continue to grow.

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  • At 2010.05.12 21:05, Harvey said:

    this is one of the best books read in a long time!

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