Book Marketing: Author Non-Promotion on Goodreads

Wow, tonight I had that feeling of realizing that I had REALLY thought something was a lot more complicated than it was.  Maybe I should back up.  I’ve known for a long time that Goodreads is a great place to meet “book people”, people who LOVE books.  As an author, like most authors, I love books too.  So I have something in common with every Goodreads member.

I had set up a Goodreads profile quite a while ago, back when I was looking for early feedback on my No-Work Spanish audiobooks.  I had poked around the site enough to realize that:

Goodreads is more of a community where Amazon is more of a store where you might once in a while chat with a fellow shopper, but people rush into and out of, intent on what they are buying.

Goodreads is populated by devoted book-people, voracious readers and folks with a tad higher standards than the average Amazon buyer.  Books generally aren’t given loads of 5-star ratings.

I had figured out the very first baby steps with Goodreads of:

– creating a user profile, tell us about the books you read
- creating an author profile
- making sure the books you have written are listed on Goodreads

and I had joined a few groups and then I suddenly felt rather lost.  What to do next? I was pretty sure that what I was NOT to do next was to jump up and down and tell people “buy my book”.  That’s why I titled this “Author Non-Promotion” — so what SHOULD I do?

Unsure of the next step, I bought and started reading, Goodreads For Authors: How To Use Goodreads To Promote Your Books.  It said:

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking of Goodreads as just another place to have a presence as an author. Think of it as a place to talk about books. If you do, one day your Goodreads friends could be talking about your books.

So the goal is to go make some book friends at Goodreads and also to provide information about my books and my writing to anyone who might be interested, but not to bludgeon them with it. I got the basic concept pretty quickly, but wanted a bit of hand-holding on the many ways that people talk about books on Goodreads. For this, I found the following useful:
Goodreads For Authors: How To Use Goodreads To Promote Your Books
Get More Book Sales a video tutorial series that could be described as a quick-start guide to Goodreads. Exactly what I felt I needed.

So I just set up my first Goodreads giveaway. I had been scouring information about how to do so for days and I found that filling out the form took….. about 30 seconds? okay, maybe a minute. But I had totally built it up in my mind as more complex than it is. I still have to wait for the giveaway to be approved and then I can add an ad for the giveaway and also a Widget about it. But that will have to wait till next week. Stay tuned!!!


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