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Here are two services that I just learned about in the last few months that can be very helpful with book promotion.  These aren’t new services, just things that I recently discovered (sometimes I’m the last to know) for making connections either in the media or online. 

The one is HARO which stands for Help A Reporter Out.  Over 50000 journalists use HARO to locate experts for on-air interviews, article quotes and more.  You can sign up for free as a source and you will get emails 3 times a day, Monday - Friday that lists media people (and sometimes other authors) who are looking for information on particular topics.  If you can provide the information, you contact the person through a HARO email.  It’s a way to connect media people and sources of information (hopefully you!).  Originally begun as a Facebook group, HARO has taken off.  I find it’s 3-times-a-day emails to be more than I can keep up with every day and I’ve only had a few folks that I provided information to.  But, in reading HARO emails,  I’ve discovered all kinds of websites and companies that are proving useful to me.

The second service that I just heard of, and plan to use for book promotion, is - which is a way to find blogs that might want you to write a guest post on them or find bloggers who might want to write a guest post on your blog.  Guest blogging on someone else’s website is a great way to bring new people (and links) to your website.  And having folks guest blog on your website is a wonderful way to have some fresh ideas and content.  Often times a guest blog post by someone else, will generate a thought with me that then I want to write for a new post. 

Let’s face it, most of us find solo blogging to be, well, tough.  We run out of stuff to talk about.  An occasional post by a guest blogger is a wonderful way to breathe new life into your blog. was the IDEA of the “Idea Lady” — guess she’s living up to her nickname, huh?

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