Coming Soon Successful Children’s Book Self-Publisher Interview

Over the next week or so, I am going to be posting questions and answers here from an email interview with Gary VanRiper, the dad half of the father/son co-authors of the Adirondack Kids book series. I already sent Gary a few questions, but now as I went to put a link to their books’ listings on Amazon, I added another question. It looks like they (Adirondack Kids Press) are not part of Amazon Advantage’s program for publishers, which is what makes it possible for books to be available to ship within 24 hours and also eligible for Amazon Prime. I wonder why?

Their non-participation in Amazon Advantage certainly hasn’t kept Adirondack Kids from being successful. The first Adirondack Kids book was printed in February of 2001. Gary commented, “we had 2,000 copies made because we weren’t sure if anyone other than our family would want one.” But all 2000 copies sold by June and they hurriedly ordered a second printing before tourist season. This past summer Adirondack Kids surpassed 100,000 copies in print. So stay tuned for the details of their success and feel free to post a question to this blog.

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