Do Children’s Books on Kindle Sell?

So I had read in some writing forums that while some genres were selling well on Kindle, such as non-fiction and trashy romance novels, that others, such as children’s books by unknown authors, were not doing very well.

So when I decided to create and publish a Kindle version of Poster Girl, I expected little. The truth is I have a couple new, unpublished stories that I am going to publish on Kindle and I was mostly using Poster Girl as a way of trying to determine how hard or easy it would be for me to format my book to publish on Kindle. So after I successfully published, I didn’t bother posting on Facebook or emailing my writer friends. I figured I’d save that for my new stuff.

So imagine my surprise when yesterday I logged in to my Kindle publisher account and discovered that I was selling on average about one copy per day.

“So what?” you say?

Well, the idea that I could do no promotion other than making the title free for ONE day and still end up with sales of a fictional children’s book, was to me, astounding and VERY encouraging. Imagine what will happen when I DO shout from the rooftops about a newly published book?

Stay tuned for more good news!

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  • At 2012.08.24 13:05, Tony Tovar said:

    Hey Anne!

    That’s great news to hear. I’m excited that you’ve done good in that niche. I’ve recently published a book myself and find myself selling around 6 books a day on average. Congrats! :)

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