Don’t Quit Poem

I ran across this video the other day

While I’d heard the poem before, somehow the images chosen really drive the poem’s message home for me. Even the music seems the perfect fit for those moments when I’m pausing… when I’m feeling as though my publishing goals are still so far off… well as the poem says, “when things go wrong as they sometimes will..”

I watched it now as I unwrapped a box that I hadn’t been able to bring myself to open earlier… books being returned from Baker & Taylor. It felt so heavy that I actually expected the box to contain a note saying they weren’t carrying my title any longer. But, it didn’t. I don’t know what I expected, them to send me all their copies and say “Give it up, will ya?”

And I looked in their online catalog and there it is, Poster Girl… still available. In fact they’ve order 3 more copies for their one warehouse (while returning 19 from a different warehouse). But a librarian who wants to order my book through Baker and Taylor can, so my line is still in the water where it can catch fish.

and I won’t quit

and I hope blog readers won’t either.

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