Free Critique Offer

Do you want a fresh perspective on your favorite manuscript and ideas for how to make it stronger?

Do you want to hear what’s working in your writing and what’s not?

Maybe you’d like to consult an editor or get a professional critique, but you don’t have the money at the moment.

So here is my (irresistible) offer. I’ll critique up to 8 pages of your manuscript FOR FREE (one per writer). What’s the catch? Why? you ask.

All I ask and it’s a request, not a demand. Is that you consider reviewing one of the items I have for sale on Amazon. Please look at the books (Kindle, paperback or audiobooks) I have for sale and if you would like to read or listen to one, just let me know and I’ll even provide a free review copy. If you are looking for something quick then I recommend choosing The Day I Met Dr. Seuss, which is less than 3000 words (18 pages including plenty of white space). You do not have to write a favorable review. If you feel the item you reviewed was so-so, you are free to say so, or to simply pass on writing the review.

Why am I doing this? I started off looking for Kindle books whose authors might be interested in swapping reviews. But too often when I downloaded a Kindle book on its free day I wished that I could instead be offering suggestions for improvements before it was published. So I came up with this idea instead. Again to recap, here’s the process.

1) If you are interested in having a free review, email me at Anne at AboonBooks dot com.

2) Assuming I’m not backed up on doing critiques, I’ll ask you to send me a double-spaced Microsoft Word document of up to eight pages. I will make overall comments about your manuscript, always starting with its strengths and then using Microsoft Word’s Track Changes feature, I’ll put in minor wording change suggestions. So that you’re manuscript might look something like this.
image of free critique marked up
3) I send you the manuscript back.

4) You tell me if you’d like to review one of the items I have for sale on Amazon and which one.

5) I send you a review copy of the item.

6) You read (or listen to) the story you received. You post your review on Amazon.

7) We both live happily ever after.

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  • At 2012.11.22 01:31, Christine Larsen said:

    Hallo Anne,
    Have answered you on new Squidu forum (Who here publishes on Kindle?)asking for a chance to review your book, and so has Kathy McGraw. We both need to know how to go about this.
    Would love to take up your offer of a review of an ms. - just need to choose one. Does offer still stand?
    Thank you,

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