Good Advice on Self-Publishing

I came across a post this morning about self-publishing that I think is excellent advice.  The post was titled, “Your Book Will Never Sell Itself; It Needs Your Help” which frankly if I stopped reading there, I would have been reminded of a fact, which I know, but sometime ignore. But there was an actual post, to go with the title and it begins,

I’m going to have to stop following some writer links because doing so is giving me the impulse to yell at some people, and I can find more productive things to do with my time.   When it’s time to wake up and admit the publishing industry is not what it used to be, maybe then I can have a decent conversation with people who love traditional publishing

Now I simply enjoy the excitement of this writer and want to read on.  If you do too, you can read full post here

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  • At 2011.07.22 22:36, Alice said:

    I have to agree. You’ll sell more books marketing a bad book than writing an awesome book and doing little marketing. Obviously the best combination would be to write a great book and do great marketing ;D

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