Harry Potter vs. Dr. Seuss, Part II

So I asked, in my last post

Harry Potter books or Dr. Seuss books - which have had the most impact on kids’ reading?

and invited others to weigh in with their opinions. Dr. Seuss is currently winning by a landslide. I’ll have to beat the bushes to find some J.K. Rowling fans. Surely someone out there will be incensed by the idea that anything is more significant in children’s books than Harry Potter. Meanwhile, I’m posting all the opinions that I receive, just so happens they’ve been fairly similar.

Here’s the most recent:

Harry Potter and Dr. Seuss books are, without a doubt, two of the most popular and widely read books by both kids and parents alike. Joanne Kathleen “JK” Rowling and Theodor Seuss Geisel who penned Harry Potter and Dr. Seuss books respectively garnered worldwide recognition and respect for their works. Millions of their books are sold worldwide and children’s as well as parents’ lives have been changed by these literature works. But which book series have really had the most impact on kids’ reading?

Harry Potter Versus Dr. Seuss???

In my opinion, Dr. Seuss series made more impact on kids’ reading compared to that of Harry Potter’s. The difference mainly lies in the choice of writing treatment of the authors. I think Theodor Seuss Geisel’s decision to write his books in a poetic and lyrical manner compared to that of the narrative, classic storytelling style of JK Rowling’s proved to be very effective for children, especially to toddlers who are just beginning to learn how to read.

Dr Seuss books are one of the most popular and timeless children’s books because he used simple and recognizable characters that kids are very much familiar with like cats and fishes, among others. Reading his works are like reciting a poem or even singing a song. His writing method even helps readers memorize the lines eventually! Another great thing about Dr Seuss books is that he used big and elaborate illustrations that both kids and parents love.

I am a very big fan of both books. In fact, I would consider myself more of a Harry Potter fanatic now than a Dr Seuss’ because JK Rowling’s creations are the ones that I read most recently. But I also won’t deny the fact that Dr. Seuss books are one of the literary creations which my parents and elder relatives used to help me in practicing reading and developing a reading habit. Harry Potter books may be hugely popular at the moment, but Dr. Seuss books truly stand the test of time as evidenced by sales they still make up to now.

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