Kindle Publishing, IPhone Book Apps, Will Digital Publishing bring a Happy New Year for Writers?

We are within 2 hours of a brand new year and I’m contemplating the many new publishing options that have cropped up.  Some people are having big success with publishing children’s books as iPhone/iPad apps.  Others are selling Kindle books.    New digital publishing options are cropping up all over and I realized it’s time I investigate….. no, not investigate.  It’s time I jump into the digital publishing foray. 

So I think I’ll create some posts such as this one which will document my journey into digital publishing.  Previously, I’ve tended to post my publishing discoveries AFTER I found out some useful information.  But this time I’m posting a bit more stream of conciousness.  Starting now with the intention.  I intend in 2012 to sell $10K of digital publication products. 

I have two children’s books 100% written and revised by my writing critique group.  I also have one adult non-fiction title that I’ve written a portion of, which I think would be highly marketable. 

So I’ll need a cover.  I’m off now to Google on Kindle eBook Cover design and to look at the bestseller list on Kindle.  I may try contacting any authors with contact information to ask them who created their cover.  I want to keep expenses low — that’s the main advantage of digital publishing, the low startup cost.  But I also want to give my titles a chance to succeed.

Talk to you soon!

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