Let the Games Begin

Even though my youngest son started college almost two months ago now, I haven’t seen the burst of writing productivity I hoped for.  In fact, I really haven’t been writing at all.  Hmm… 

Around the time Dan left for school, I had a book recommended to me - Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity

It sounded like exactly what I wanted, to get things done, stress-free! Woopee (does anyone still say woopee?) And I got a lot of good ideas from Getting Things Done There have been many times in the past where my lack of organization has cost me. I’ve lost time looking for something or even lost money (oops, darn, now there’s a late payment). With no kids at home, it was time to get organized and then get creating. Part of the idea behind Getting Things Done is that when you have all those to-do’s out of your mind and tucked away, it frees you to be much more creative. 

Still… getting ready to get things done has stretched on for weeks, until I began to wonder whether I was getting organized or simply procrastinating.  I did want to write and do creative things, didn’t I?  Well I’m about to find out because I threw out, filed away, gave away, and finished with the last random paper, within these four walls of my “home office”.  I managed to neatly get the books and audobooks back onto shelves, pens and pencils into their holder, etc.  Now if I could just get our cat to stop hogging the chair she insists on sharing with me. 

I am done.  I just finished vacuuming the carpet (that did get rid of the cat but only temporarily) and I even took the coat of dust and grime off the printer.  It’s story time.


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