Return to Hundred Acre Wood — Winnie the Pooh sequel

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Return to the Hundred Acre Wood: In Which Winnie-the-Pooh Enjoys Further Adventures with Christopher Robin and His Friends

Winnie the Pooh sequel is available NOW - audiobook read by Jim Dale

Well I was feeling a bit ashamed of how little I had been blogging and many of my other slow-moving writing and publishing projects, until….

I opened up the internet and discovered that the Winnie the Pooh sequel has been released 80 years after the last Winnie the Pooh book (Holy-Writer’s-Block!). Geez… suddenly my publishing Poster Girl in 2007 and STILL not getting the next book out the door doesn’t seem so shabby.

The publishers of Winnie the Pooh had their own list of excuses/reasons, just as I have mine. Something about the author having died and trying to find a suitable replacement. I understand great writing can’t be rushed, but to think that my 80+-year-old mom was in diapers back when there was last a new Winnie the Pooh, is mind-boggling. Despite the delay (or maybe because of it), new adventures for Winnie the Pooh and the Hundred Acre Woods are big news in the world of children’s books and among Pooh’s many fans. So here are all the cool ways you can get this book.

You can order the version published by a U.S.-based publisher . which ships in 24 hours and is eligible for Amazon Prime’s free shipping.

Or if you prefer the British cover design, you can also order that through Amazon’s associated merchants, but it may take just a tad longer. Here’s a look at that option:

Now, if you’re an audiobook fan (I am), you are in for a real treat, because you can get Return to the Hundred Acre Wood audiobook read by Jim Dale. If you want to get a sneak preview of the reading (I did), click on that link and there is a video of Jim Dale reading. It will make you want to curl up for the full bedtime story.

Finally, they even made the Kindle version of New Pooh Book available today, ready for immediate download.

So grab your favorite stuffed animal and tell them the big news. Bedtime just got a whole bunch of new adventures.

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