SCBWI - Unpronouncable and Invaluable

In a couple of my previous blog entries, I’ve mentioned attending SCBWI conferences and it occurred to me that I ought to clarify what SCBWI is. SCBWI, is the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators. It describes itself as “a professional organization for writers and illustrators of children’s books.” You do NOT have to be published to be a member.

I highly recommend joining SCBWI and attending a local conference, for the following reasons. You will receive:

  • valuable writing or illustrating tips
  • a jolt of inspiration and enthusiasm

You may also receive

  • a helpful critique from another member, a published author or illustrator, or an editor or art director
  • an invitation to submit a manuscript from a editor and publishing house that does NOT accept unsolicited submissions

Not every conference is equally good. I’ve attended the one closest to my home for ten years.  Some years the experience has been kind of ho-hum. But other years, I’ve gained knowledge or inspiration that has stayed with me to this day.

To the best of my knowledge, there is no agreement with how to pronounce SCBWI, other than saying ‘S - C - B - W - I’.  A few have suggested ‘Ski-BWEE’, or “Scib-wee”, but despite being filled with creative people, no popular or natural pronounciation has been found.

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