Smelly Ellie, Second Place Sister

Speaking of Smelly Ellie, Second Place Sister, (as I was last night), I think it’s time I decide whether I’m going to rewrite the ending or add more to it.  It’s ironic that with both of my chapter book stories, my online writing critique group suggested a different ending.  With Smelly Ellie though, I’m leaning towards leaving it as is.  The complaints came from the fact that some of the lesser character’s actions were not fully explained.  But isn’t that true, in real life?  That we don’t always fully understand all the people.

With Poster Girl, my critique group said they found the ending disatisfying and after a month of going around in my mind justifying the ending, I rewrote it and truly the story was much better for it.  I think the difference was, in that case, it was the MAIN character’s story that we needed to understand better.  Still…. when the group said my ending for Smelly Ellie needed more, I believed them.  But the more that I tried to add, it just didn’t fit.  I think now, months later, that I’m going to reread it one more time out loud, by myself, and then decide. 

It’s a fine line, getting advice from other people, but still telling the story that you want to tell.  Ultimately, the readers are the final judges of whether you got it right.

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