Self-Publishing Children’s Books on Kindle - Ebooks in 2013

So a year ago I did not have any children’s books on Kindle. Today, I have four shown here (hopefully): Widgets
My most recent title Mattie Monster is NOT Tired is a slightly different approach for me.
You see normally I write the story I want to tell, then get feedback from others and [...]

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Self-Publishing on Kindle

So I’m reading The Indie Journey: Secrets to Writing Success a bit each day for encouragement and guidance. I’ve realized that I’ve got at least 5 titles, some children’s fiction, some adult non-fiction that are GOOD stories (whether fiction or non-fiction) and why not
1) get them in the hands of readers and
2) get [...]

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Day 25: Publishing a Kindle ebook

So I got back the epub draft from Bookbaby, which had one small error that I sent back to correct. Meanwhile realizing how close to publication date we are, has sent me into a flurry of activity on writing guest blog posts and looking for potential reviewers.
Someone on forums referenced this [...]

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Amazon Kindle 2.0 Announcement — Reviews and Comments - Read an Amazon Kindle Review

Amazon Kindle Review — 2.0 Update
Having read through and summarized customer reviews on the original Amazon original, I was curious about what improvements the new Amazon 2.0 Kindle Reader would offer.

Here is a list of the official Kindle Reader 2.0 features from Amazon (along with unofficial commentary):
Slim: Just over 1/3 of an inch, [...]

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Amazon’s Kindle & Ebooks - New Publishing/Reading Horizon

When Amazon sent me an email proudly announcing their new Kindle reader, I didn’t pay much attention. They heralded it as a revolutionary product and I thought, “everyone I know hates to read stuff on a computer screen, who is going to want to read off a smaller screen?” Apparently about a half a million [...]

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