Still More about Adirondack Kids Series — Successful Children’s Book Self-Publishing

And now, to conclude my online interview of Adirondack Kids series author, Gary VanRiper, I asked …
Me: Do you have a particular technique in terms of marketing and promotion that has worked really well for you?
Gary: Wow. So much could be said on the subject of marketing and promotion. It should be understood by every [...]

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Adirondack Kids Father/Son Authors Story

So here is part one of my email/blog interview with children’s book self-publisher Gary VanRiper.
Question: Did you try to have the first Adirondack Kids book published by a traditional publisher?
Gary’s reply: We did approach a regional publisher who expressed interest in our story, but who explained the company was already some two years out on [...]

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Coming Soon Successful Children’s Book Self-Publisher Interview

Over the next week or so, I am going to be posting questions and answers here from an email interview with Gary VanRiper, the dad half of the father/son co-authors of the Adirondack Kids book series. I already sent Gary a few questions, but now as I went to put a link to their [...]

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