Rules for Online Writing Critique Groups

I was browsing a forum where writers were trying to find critique group members. A few folks said they were thinking of forming their own group, because they couldn’t find an existing one, and they wanted guidance on how to set one up.
So it occurred to me that I could post our rules/guidelines [...]

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Writers Critique Groups - Positive Peer Pressure

I just got in from a run. I am a social runner, rarely running alone. I find it is too easy when I’m not meeting anyone to push the time I plan to run to later in the day and then off into tomorrow. Today is gray, cold and dreary. Despite too many holiday goodies [...]

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Writing Regularly

So where have I been?  My last post was December 17th and the blog was only about a week old at that point. Good grief!  Is this blog going to be yet another blog begun with good intentions and abandoned within a month? 
The truth is, I have lots of excuses for where I’ve been [...]

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