The Crowded World of Kindle Publishing

So today as I have two titles on the verge of publishing on Kindle, I was reading some articles about general trends in Kindle publishing. They were talking about HOW many books are being published and that folks success offering free days via Kindle Direct Publishing means that now there is a glut of free books being offered.

And suddenly, since I was kind of having a blah day already, I heard that nay-sayer voice in my head, who said, “Really, Anne, who needs another book — Kindle or not?” But who am I or anyone to decide which books are going to make people happy, which books will help teach them something useful. How many times have I been truly excited by something I have read (or heard via audiobook)? So I who love books, how can I be saying, “who needs another book?” I mean really…. I write for the reader who might find my book a big positive, just as I have found others.

Books don’t have to be non-fiction either to be helpful. Sometimes just recognizing an emotion you have felt in someone else can make the world seem less scary and I have certainly seen fictional characters who expressed emotions that I have felt.

Okay…. I seem to have exorcised that little nagging voice I was hearing. Time for bed.

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