The Test of A Good Book? How Many Can Pass this One?

Duct Tape Book I think the test of a good movie, book or story is how often you think about it a week after you hear it. How often do you think of it a year later? Here are a few books that I think back to what I’ve learned from them.

Pictured on the left there, 
Made to Stick. The basic question raised and answered by this book is WHY some ideas stick with us and others don’t. So, no big surprise, that I still think about what the authors (two brothers) wrote. All of the writers and storytellers will find it interesting to learn that ONE of the elements to what makes an idea stick, is having it wrapped up in a story. I also think the cover designer of this book really deserves an award. You should see the book firsthand. Absolutely, the cover is why I picked it up off the shelf at Barnes & Noble.

The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference - Malcolm Gladwell’s discussion of ‘mavens’ was part of what inspired my free book offer. Interestingly, Gladwell also has a discussion of why some ideas stay (stick) with us. He used the term, the Stickiness Factor.

Goals : Setting And Achieving Them On Schedule by Zig Ziglar. Some people find Ziglar’s twang annoying, but I like it (at least in small doses). Ziglar talks about the importance of setting goals. It’s a topic that’s easy to say, “yeah, sure, set goals, okay. But Ziglar’s folksy examples drive the point home. My favorite line is when he asks — Can you imagine Sir Edmund Hillary coming down off Mount Everest and someone asking, “How did you do this?” and him saying, “well I was just out walking and I saw the mountain and thought I’d try to get to the top.” My cassette version of this broke last year (maybe I should be more careful and stop spilling coffee on these things). I’ve thought back to the book enough times, that I’ve realized it has stood my test of time, and I think I may buy a new copy on CD.

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