Time Management Strategies - How to Find Time to Write?

So I’ve set pretty clear goals to post on this blog once a day and to write enough to post items for critique for my writing group, every 2 - 3 weeks.  So how do I find time to do that when… I’m not currently doing a lot of sitting on my bum, starring off into space.  The old family, work, sleep needs generally leave little time left over. 

Here are a few time management strategies that have worked for me in the past.  I’m writing about them here, to remind myself of them, as well as to pass them on.

1) Find Time — Or, put another way, when you find time, USE it.  This means that if I’m meeting a friend and they call and say they are running late, if I’m waiting in a doctor’s office, if I go to pick my son up from a sports practice and it is running late…. this is unused time.  To convert it writing time, all I need to do is find something to write on (that belongs to me) and something to write with.  Old receipts in the glove compartment can be used if needed.

2) Make Time — Sometimes you have to ‘make time’, shove aside another task.  Tonight I picked up a pizza and made enough time to type this by not needing to cook dinner.  What can you ask or pay someone else to do to make some time for your writing habit?  What can you give up (sleep, tv, etc) without impacting others, to make time to write.

3) Plan Ahead — To implement either the ‘find time’ or ‘make time’ strategy, you need to plan ahead.  For instance, when I sat before writing this blog and thought about WHEN I could possibly write my next chapter of the current writing project, code-name of ‘Billy’, I was stumped.  So I thought about the upcoming week and finally the answer came to me.  On Sunday my son will be skiing with friends.  He will get up early.  Usually I get up early with him and my husband sleeps in.  During this time I will write the next section of Billy. 

And now I’m going to sign off.  Feel free to comment and add in your favorite time management strategies… because I still really struggle with this and am always looking for new ideas!


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