Trade Printers - Four Color Book Printers: Where to Find Four Color Book Printing in the United States?

U.S. Trade Printers of Four Color Books

I compiled the following list of U.S. four-color book printers for the current edition of Could You, Should You Self-Publish a Picture Book? in late 2006.

I recently verified that all printers are still in business printing and have the capabilities to print a children’s picture book (or other book that requires four-color) in commercial quantities. What I haven’t had time to do yet is to look for additional printers who are capable of printing four-color books. Please comment below if you know of other printers who should be added to this list. (Printing representatives are more than welcome to contribute!)

I will write another post about four-color trade printers outside the U.S.

Banta Information Services -
Bang Printing -
Berryville Graphics -
BookMasters -
Central Plains Book Manufacturing -
C.J. Krehbiel Co. -
C&M Press -
Dickinson Press -
Johnson Printing Co.-
Jostens Commercial Printing -
Marrakech Express, Inc -
Phoenix Color Corp -
Professional Press -
Rose Printing -
R.R. Donnelley -
Sheridan Books -
Vaughan Printing -
Von Hoffmann Graphics -
Walsworth Publishing Company -

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