Getting Started on Self-Publishing, Children’s Books and Me

I’m just getting setup here (on this blog).  I haven’t even tied it into the main part of yet.   I was wrestling with tweaking stuff.  A few pages show with big blank sections.  I got this prepackaged setup, which is good and bad.  Good, because it saved me learning an awful lot about Wordpress themes and plugins.  Bad, because now when I don’t like something, I’m struggling with how to change it. 

I was going to send a note off and try to get the whole site looking good before I started posting and then I realized, well that’s a sure way to NEVER post.  Like saying you’ll throw a party, once you get the house cleaned up.  50 years later they cart you off to a nursing home and you’ve never invited anyone over.  er… at least that’s how it goes for me.

I expect I’ll post quite a bit for the first few weeks (kind of honeymoon period) and then hope to settle down to more like three times a week.  One thing I am going to encourage is for readers to send me questions they may have about self-publishing.  I’ll collect them eventually and put up a FAQ about self-publishing.

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