When Will the 2012 Newbery Medal Award Winners Be Announced? Soon!

So a quick departure from my series of posts on publishing on Kindle because it’s THAT time of year. Time to predict and then discover what great children’s book will win the Newbery Award this year.

And when exactly, you ask do they announce the winners? The Newbery and Caldecott award winners will be announced in Dallas at 7:45 a.m. Central Time (8:45 EST) on Monday January 23, 2012 as part of the ALA Midwinter Meeting. In fact, The ALA will announce 18 awards which includes Caldecott, Newbery Medals, the Coretta Scott King Book Awards, Printz award and others.

You can follow the announcements live via webcast at the link:
http://www.webcastinc.com/client/ala-webcast/. There is also Twitter information on that same page, for all you Tweeters out there!

So now, who are the heavy favorites as folks make their predictions of the book most likely to win the 2012 Newbery Award?

Seems like every children’s book reader poll has Okay for Now by Gary D. Schmidt

as a front-runner to win the Newbery this year. Schmidt won a Newbery Honor Award for the book The Wednesday Wars.

My guess for the winner is not Okay For Now, but Inside Out and Back Again. First, take a look at it’s cover:

But that’s not why I’m choosing it. It’s a more unique book, told as a free verse narrative. Drawing heavily on the author’s own experience of moving from war-torn Vietnam to Alabama, this story is described as “beautiful”, “moving” and “haunting”. One Amazon reviewer wondered whether it could reach reluctant readers and I think the answer is Yes! Short sentences and plenty of white space seem a good fit for a main character who is still learning English, and will indeed appeal to all kids.

Another book strong on original approach is Wonderstruck by Brian Selznick.

Wonderstruck is over 600 pages with more than 400 of those pages black and white drawings that are interwoven into the text. Rather than try to explain it myself, I’d rather you watch the video:

Wow, he sold me. Everyone says you have to get this Wonderstruck in hardcover editiion and hold it in your hands. Now, I see why!

Wow, 2012 seems like a really strong children’s book year. Let’s see what other books people thought were likely to win the Newbery Medal or at least a Newbery Honor Award. Also appearing on many “Mock 2012 Newbery Award” Lists or “2012 Newbery Medal Predictions” is A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness which the School Library Journal called “A brilliantly executed, powerful tale. The book description says, “An unflinching, darkly funny, and deeply moving story of a boy, his seriously ill mother, and an unexpected monstrous visitor.” Seems like it must be brilliantly written to be popular and yet handle such difficult topics. I think I’ll have to take a look inside this one as well.

Okay I am NOT envying the judges this year, because there are still MORE books that people swear should win the Newbery this year, including…

Words In The Dust

The Trouble with May Amelia

and finally a non-fiction book, also with “Amelia” in the title (what are the odds?)
Amelia Lost: The Life and Disappearance of Amelia Earhart

So any predictions you care to make about what book will win the 2012 Newbery Medal Award?

I was thinking about the good and bad part of book awards. The good part is that people CARE and get excited about books and root for their favorites. The bad part is some people feel that another book winning an award makes it a “better” book in some way. But honestly, if even a single reader thinks your book should have won an award. If even a single reader says, “Hey, your book really helped me because….” isn’t that what it is really all about?

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