Why I Like Writing

I had a crappy day today and ended it by celebrating writing and the role it plays in my life.

After a crappy day at work, I got in the car, pushed in my audiobook and thought, remember, you can use this in your writing. Since, I write for children, you might think my day at the office wouldn’t apply to a book set in 2nd grade, but that isn’t so. The feeling of being treated unfairly, the feeling of seeing someone else get praise that you felt you deserved, goes back to some of our earliest social situations.

I thought about how my life improves my writing and vice versa. I was writing to a friend about the unpleasant episode at work and writing about it crystallized the experience. I analyzed it and labeled the hurtful portion. Somehow it is easier to exorcise demons once you name them.

And so I drove home, glad that I am a writer and more determined to make my writing a bigger portion of my life and become less dependent on my day job.

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